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Drum Sample - hiphop
Drum Sample - Rock
Double Kick
Drum Sample - Loop

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We are a new company founded this year in, 2004. We are music Producers, that were also fed-up of paying for Sound Libraries that claimed to be hip-hop,but were not. In fact, they were far from it. Therefore, we wanted to create a company for all the Producers out there, (for both amateurs and professionals alike), who like us, are tired of “shelling out” hundreds of dollars for “garbage” sound libraries. This is the reason why, exists.

We decided to take the time to create our own drum-sound library. Our drum sounds are taken from various sources, and they are without a doubt, the kinds of drum sounds that you will want to put in your hip-hop productions, “nice and dirty”, no loops, just one-hit sound libraries of pure raw hip-hop. Our drum samples were taken directly from the source, and they are available in wav. format. Our first volume is kicks, snares and a few hats, which are jam-packed with hot samples.

We pride ourselves in making quality sample libraries that you can download right to your computer with no shipping or handling charges, and no waiting, only, pure blazing hot samples delivered right to your PC. Our is the perfect way to get started, and from time to time, we will be introducing new volumes of new hip-hop drum libraries that we will keep you updated on, so you can keep up with today’s competitive market.

However, just because someone has a MPC or ASR or Reason -- will not automatically make them a good Producer. We cannot promise that just because you have our sounds, that you will be a good Producer, but we are here to say, "that our drum sounds will give you a good start in the production of your own music". Also, that we are Producers ourselves, so we know what we would want in a drum sound. We chop them up nice, so you do not have to. You may want to do some of your own slicing to make your sound the way you want and that is good because we always encourage creativity.


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